A Beltran Power Surge, A Cardinals Sweep. Gotta Love It!

Captef5354fa6e9d44fb963cabd41274405dmetsThere’s nothing sweeter than a sweep. Especially one against the cardinals. Thanks to the bat of Carlos Beltran and an excellent supporting cast, the mets won in convincing fashion. Yesterday I wrote that I loved defense. Well, I’ll take a game like last night over a defensive one any day.

Beltrans two homers got me thinking about something I saw when I was scouring the Internet the other night. I stumbled on a site that lists the contracts for every player in the league. Obviously, I navigated to see what some of our favorite met contracts look like. Anyway, I was looking at Beltrans and saw that under the heading PERKS, was the leasing of an ocular enhancer machine by the mets organization. Apparently it’s a device that throws numbered and multi-colored tennis balls at 150 mph. A jazzy pitching machine to be exact. This may be common knowledge to other met fans reading this, but it was news to me. I don’t know why, but it seemed like an odd perk. You’d think a perk would be beautiful girls massaging you  after every game or your own private jet to anywhere. Not a machine that throws colored balls at you. Perk or not, it’s something he apparently wanted enough to put in his contract. Oh yeah, and its working.

Minor Leagues:
The new minor league season starts tonight and one of the mets top prospects, Philip Humber is on the mound. Also playing in that game with the New Orleans Zephyrs, will be a great outfield prospect Carlos Gomez.

Also playing tonight are the Binghampton Mets. That’s where Fernando Martinez and Mike Carp will be starting their season. Two more great prospects in the met organization.


Jose Reyes, Single season run scoring champ?

Capt9ac5b2afe045454e80f0929861ac5644mets_1I was listening to the Mike & Mike in the morning program this morning on espn radio, and Mike Greenberg (Greeny) was making the statement "could Jose Reyes make a serious run at the run scoring record." He was talking about how he thinks the Mets are planning on using Reyes. Manufacturing runs because the pitching staff could have a rough time. It would be a difficult task considering the record is 192, held by Billy Hamilton of the Philadelphia Phillies in 1894. Jose had 122 runs scored last season, so he’d have a lot of ground to make up. However, with the bats we have in our line-up and the way Reyes can get on base and use his speed, it may not be such a far fetched idea. Personally, I think he’s got a good chance of getting there. He has 3 runs scored in 2 games. That’s not really a big deal, I know, But the mets have the potential to put up a lot of runs and Jose is probably gonna be on the base paths most of the time. That’s one of the reasons he’s such a good lead off man. He’s been more patient, he can get an infield hit and he’s capable of beating out a bunt. If he gets on base, there’s a good chance he’s gonna score.

Last Nights Game:

That’s the El Duque I love to see. A well pitched seven innings and a little magic with the bat as well. Heilman and Wagner did their job and the defense contributed with three more double plays. That’s seven in two games. I love a team that can play great defense.  We weren’t  on fire at the plate, but the job got done and that’s the main thing. Let’s hope John Maine can keep the good pitching performances going tonight.

Mets Stink

    A daily comment from people here in the north country, when they find out I’m a met fan. Strange, since I live in New York. My family and a few of my friends have been met fans forever. Everyone in these parts, of course, loves the yankees and because we live within Two hours of Boston, the red sox. Met fans are scattered here and there. I have noticed a few jumping on the ol’ band wagon.That’s to be expected with the recent success of the team.  However, even with a few newbies, the yankee and red sox fans still seem to out number us met fans. I guess the fact that we live four hours north of the city would explain more red sox fans. It’s the yankee fans that get under my skin. The mets just need to win twenty or so more championships and maybe we can have some ammo for those yankee fans.

Opening Day

    Finally, the first full day of baseball. As much as I loved the Mets having the stage for the season opener. There’s nothing better than a home, day game at Shea Stadium. Obviously, a win is the best case scenario, which we got, but a day time opener is always a plus. I must confess that I own a business with my father and we usually take opening day off. We couldn’t do that this year, because of the Sunday night opening. So I guess my frustration is based on ulterior motives. Either way, the mets played well and that’s what matters.
    Things are definitely looking good so far. One whole game into the season. I’m really excited to see Jose Reyes and David Wright with another year under their belt. Mike Pelfrey is also someone I can’t wait to see get his feet wet. If he can show some signs and deal with the pressure, he could buy us some time until Pedro gets back or we trade for some more pitching. We all know pitching is key in the playoffs. Delgado should keep his pace, along with Carlos Beltran. I hope Valentin and Shaun Green can keep it up. Otherwise, I think some changes need to be made. Especially with Green. I give him a 20-30 game window. If things aren’t going well, I think Lastings should get his shot. LoDuca is solid, no worries there and I feel the same way about Moises Alou. He’s been around a long time and knows how to produce when he needs to. If he can’t, we’ll have to give Endy a shot. So many talented guys to choose from. Isn’t it great.
    I am obviously excited about the season and the team we’re putting on the field. I think we all are. That’s one reason I’m trying out the whole blog thing. A way to talk about my favorite team on a daily basis. This will be my first attempt at this sort of thing. I think it will be fun. I love the Mets, and I love talking about the Mets. It’s great to have the baseball season back in full swing.