Here We Go Again

Well our good friend Mike Pelfry takes the hill tonight in what could be – a huge embarrassing failure. I hope not, I was the one who was excited to see the youngin’ go at it. I was sadly mistaken in my views, better luck next time.

Seriously though, the mets need tonight’s game. Not because we are in some sort of rut. But because we need to give the young guy some confidence. With the injuries to El Duque and Jose Valentin, we’re gonna need Pelfry for a couple months. We also need a few hits and maybe, just maybe, a few less errors. In the box and in the field.

Pelfry needs to have a good night. For himself and the Mets. I think he’ll end up being one of our best pitchers. I just hope the Mets didn’t bring him up too quick. Pitching wins championships, so if Pelfry doesn’t cut it, Omar better go and find someone. Otherwise the mets will be sitting home for the World Series and maybe the playoffs if their not careful.


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