Nothing Like A Walk-Off Bunt

Been A while since my last post. Tonight seemed like a good night to get back on the horse. I get nervous watching the mets lately. Some games we seem to play like we’re supposed to, some not so much. A pretty normal thing as a season goes along. Something seems off for the mets though, even when we win by a lot. We don’t seen to be clicking just yet.

Tonight for example. You can’t go into extra innings with the Rockies. These are the games that NEED to be won. Win is what happened, I know, but it needs and should be convincing. Even with our shaky pitching. The mets need to beat these kinds of teams with no problems.

I know the bats will click for all soon. At least I hope so. David Wright and Carlos Delgado need to be more consistent. I’m sure they will soon enough. I also think we need to get some guys on the bench a little more time. I know Moises Alou and Shawn Green Are playing well, but Endy Chavez needs a few more games. I think he’s going to be the key to some wins this year. He showed that tonight.


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