Rain, Rain Has Gone Away

I made it back from the big city. Actually, I’ve been back for a few days. But with the storm and the Mets not playing. There really wasn’t anything to write about.

Shea felt like the arctic this past weekend and the team followed suit. I thought we would clean up in the weekend series with the Nats, Boy was I wrong. A tough, freezing night on Friday and a horrible outing by everyone on Saturday. Well, Endy Chavez had a good game on Saturday and Jose Valentin played alright. El Duque had a rough day and so did Jose Reyes. I think the rain-outs are going to be a good thing. We looked very lethargic on Saturday. Although it seems like the Mets haven’t played in weeks. Especially with what happened in Virginia yesterday.

My trip on the whole was great. I love Shea, a lot of people don’t, but I love it. The seats weren’t great, but they got the job done. There’s nothing like watching a live baseball game. I hope to get down to many more games this season.

Glavine is going tonight, giving maine and perez a little more rest than normal. Playing the Phillies always makes me nervous. Especially after a long break. We need a win to get back on track. The bats seem to have fallen asleep, Delgado for sure. He needs to get some pitches he can drive tonight. Lets go mets!


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