Back On Track

I had to listen to the game today at work, which was different because I usually get to watch the home opener. I have to listen on xm radio because the FAN doesn’t come in up this way. The xm is great for just such an occasion. If anyone out there wants to get xm radio, please go to this link to purchase. I recommend it highly. I’ve had it for 5 years or so now, and I love it. I can hear games at work in the afternoon and catch the late games while I’m doing other things at night. Plus all the music and talk shows. Now that my mini commercial is done, lets get to the game.

A win, but an ugly win. The bullpen makes me really nervous. They don’t seem comfortable yet. The Phillies gave us a lot of chances today, making the win look more convincing than it was. There were some key hits, but not at all the right times. Hammels was throwing his change-up well and fooling many hitters early on. All of his strike outs were with a change-up, after he had thrown a fastball. One time he threw two change-ups in a row to get the strikeout. A few key errors at the end helped the game along.  The best error by that blow hard Jimmy Rollins, and the faithful let him have it. I love to hear the crowd get into it.  I was happy Billy Wagner still shut them down 1,2,3. A good sign. Also, David Wright kept his hitting streak alive for one more day, sneaking in a double late to add to the lead.

I’m very excited because I got tickets to Friday and Saturdays games against the Nationals. It will be my first game of the year. I try to make it down to as many as possible. It’s about a four hour drive from here, so I don’t get to as many games as I would like. I hope this year I can make it to more than I usually do. I can’t wait to see the rookie Pelfry on the Friday. I think he’ll do well even though he had a tough outing in the minors the other day. It should be a good weekend. As long as we don’t get any weather like Cleveland, I’ll be happy.




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