The Undefeated Season Comes To An End

Well I guess going undefeated was kind of a long shot. After such a convincing victory on Friday night, the mets couldn’t keep it going today. Part of me felt Willie should have given Endy Chavez or Lastings a start. I guess when you got a good thing going, you don’t want to throw a wrench into the works. Plus, with a day game tomorrow and after the first loss. Some guys will probably sit.

Today just wasn’t the Mets day. Key errors were a big problem along with a rough outing for Tom Glavine. David Wright struck out three times, which doesn’t happen often. The weather didn’t exactly help matters today. For both teams. Some guys looked like It was 20 below out there. You can tell the guys that hate the cold. Andrew Jones for example. He looked like he was wearing a snowsuit under his uniform, with that stupid head gear. Get a pair for gods sake.

On an annoying note. I can’t stand it when the mets play on national t.v. First of all, I hate Tim McCarver. I know I’m not the only one. He’s like the **** Clark of color commentary. He just won’t go away. Second, If I have to watch one more dugout interview (they do this on SNY as well) I’m gonna take an ice pick and shove it through my ear. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be pushed down a flight of stairs. I tune in to watch a baseball game, not a talk show. I feel so uncomfortable while the interview is being conducted. The questions are awful and you can tell the managers don’t want to be standing there with those stupid headphones on, talking, to what looks like themselves. They stand there looking around, all embarrassed, wondering when the torture is going to end and they can go back to doing their jobs. It needs to stop. It’s as annoying as the interviews when the coach goes in for halftime of a football game.

El Duque looked good the other night. Lets hope he can keep it going tomorrow and the mets can get back on track. Lets Go, Mets Go.


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