Opening Day

    Finally, the first full day of baseball. As much as I loved the Mets having the stage for the season opener. There’s nothing better than a home, day game at Shea Stadium. Obviously, a win is the best case scenario, which we got, but a day time opener is always a plus. I must confess that I own a business with my father and we usually take opening day off. We couldn’t do that this year, because of the Sunday night opening. So I guess my frustration is based on ulterior motives. Either way, the mets played well and that’s what matters.
    Things are definitely looking good so far. One whole game into the season. I’m really excited to see Jose Reyes and David Wright with another year under their belt. Mike Pelfrey is also someone I can’t wait to see get his feet wet. If he can show some signs and deal with the pressure, he could buy us some time until Pedro gets back or we trade for some more pitching. We all know pitching is key in the playoffs. Delgado should keep his pace, along with Carlos Beltran. I hope Valentin and Shaun Green can keep it up. Otherwise, I think some changes need to be made. Especially with Green. I give him a 20-30 game window. If things aren’t going well, I think Lastings should get his shot. LoDuca is solid, no worries there and I feel the same way about Moises Alou. He’s been around a long time and knows how to produce when he needs to. If he can’t, we’ll have to give Endy a shot. So many talented guys to choose from. Isn’t it great.
    I am obviously excited about the season and the team we’re putting on the field. I think we all are. That’s one reason I’m trying out the whole blog thing. A way to talk about my favorite team on a daily basis. This will be my first attempt at this sort of thing. I think it will be fun. I love the Mets, and I love talking about the Mets. It’s great to have the baseball season back in full swing.


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