Here We Go Again

Well our good friend Mike Pelfry takes the hill tonight in what could be – a huge embarrassing failure. I hope not, I was the one who was excited to see the youngin’ go at it. I was sadly mistaken in my views, better luck next time.

Seriously though, the mets need tonight’s game. Not because we are in some sort of rut. But because we need to give the young guy some confidence. With the injuries to El Duque and Jose Valentin, we’re gonna need Pelfry for a couple months. We also need a few hits and maybe, just maybe, a few less errors. In the box and in the field.

Pelfry needs to have a good night. For himself and the Mets. I think he’ll end up being one of our best pitchers. I just hope the Mets didn’t bring him up too quick. Pitching wins championships, so if Pelfry doesn’t cut it, Omar better go and find someone. Otherwise the mets will be sitting home for the World Series and maybe the playoffs if their not careful.


Nothing Like A Walk-Off Bunt

Been A while since my last post. Tonight seemed like a good night to get back on the horse. I get nervous watching the mets lately. Some games we seem to play like we’re supposed to, some not so much. A pretty normal thing as a season goes along. Something seems off for the mets though, even when we win by a lot. We don’t seen to be clicking just yet.

Tonight for example. You can’t go into extra innings with the Rockies. These are the games that NEED to be won. Win is what happened, I know, but it needs and should be convincing. Even with our shaky pitching. The mets need to beat these kinds of teams with no problems.

I know the bats will click for all soon. At least I hope so. David Wright and Carlos Delgado need to be more consistent. I’m sure they will soon enough. I also think we need to get some guys on the bench a little more time. I know Moises Alou and Shawn Green Are playing well, but Endy Chavez needs a few more games. I think he’s going to be the key to some wins this year. He showed that tonight.

Rain, Rain Has Gone Away

I made it back from the big city. Actually, I’ve been back for a few days. But with the storm and the Mets not playing. There really wasn’t anything to write about.

Shea felt like the arctic this past weekend and the team followed suit. I thought we would clean up in the weekend series with the Nats, Boy was I wrong. A tough, freezing night on Friday and a horrible outing by everyone on Saturday. Well, Endy Chavez had a good game on Saturday and Jose Valentin played alright. El Duque had a rough day and so did Jose Reyes. I think the rain-outs are going to be a good thing. We looked very lethargic on Saturday. Although it seems like the Mets haven’t played in weeks. Especially with what happened in Virginia yesterday.

My trip on the whole was great. I love Shea, a lot of people don’t, but I love it. The seats weren’t great, but they got the job done. There’s nothing like watching a live baseball game. I hope to get down to many more games this season.

Glavine is going tonight, giving maine and perez a little more rest than normal. Playing the Phillies always makes me nervous. Especially after a long break. We need a win to get back on track. The bats seem to have fallen asleep, Delgado for sure. He needs to get some pitches he can drive tonight. Lets go mets!

Journey to Shea

We’re back in the win column. Not the best series by the mets. They should have swept, we all know that, but we take what we can get.

I’ll be on my way down to Shea in a few hours to see our beloved mets take on the Dreadful Washington Nationals. I hope to see a no hitter tonight or tomorrow. For you see, I will be seeing two. Give me two johnny, give me two. I’m excited to see the rookie pitch tonight, but I’m not expecting much. I hope he can get a few good innings and a win.

I’m happy as much as terrified of the games I will be seeing. Blowouts annoy me, unless it’s against the Braves or Phillies. I want to get the most out of my four hour trip. So I better see a good pitching performance or some historical feat. I don’t know any of the Nationals players, I don’t know if the Nationals know the Nationals Players. So it is up to the mets to give me a show. But not too much of a show. No 20 run 1st inning. No one wants to see that, no one. Because if it does I will have spent hundreds on food and booze, and as much as I love food and booze. I don’t want to pass out in the stands. That’s just embarrassing.

I know I will love my trip to Shea, I always do. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. Probably not, because I don’t know any of you and if I did, I don’t know what you look like. So my friends and I will enjoy the games and by the end I will wish I lived in the city, so I could have season tickets. I always do.


Well It’s the top of the seventh and the game should be 2-1 Mets. I can’t deal with the inconsistency of Oliver Perez. Seven walks in a row is unacceptable. He obviously has some good stuff, but can the mets afford to see if he works out through the season. The first time through the rotation was all just a rouse. Everyone’s second start has either been terrible or screwed up by the bullpen.

It’s now 5-2, I don’t know if the mets are gonna get this one back. I hope to be posting about a win a couple innings from now.

Back On Track

I had to listen to the game today at work, which was different because I usually get to watch the home opener. I have to listen on xm radio because the FAN doesn’t come in up this way. The xm is great for just such an occasion. If anyone out there wants to get xm radio, please go to this link to purchase. I recommend it highly. I’ve had it for 5 years or so now, and I love it. I can hear games at work in the afternoon and catch the late games while I’m doing other things at night. Plus all the music and talk shows. Now that my mini commercial is done, lets get to the game.

A win, but an ugly win. The bullpen makes me really nervous. They don’t seem comfortable yet. The Phillies gave us a lot of chances today, making the win look more convincing than it was. There were some key hits, but not at all the right times. Hammels was throwing his change-up well and fooling many hitters early on. All of his strike outs were with a change-up, after he had thrown a fastball. One time he threw two change-ups in a row to get the strikeout. A few key errors at the end helped the game along.  The best error by that blow hard Jimmy Rollins, and the faithful let him have it. I love to hear the crowd get into it.  I was happy Billy Wagner still shut them down 1,2,3. A good sign. Also, David Wright kept his hitting streak alive for one more day, sneaking in a double late to add to the lead.

I’m very excited because I got tickets to Friday and Saturdays games against the Nationals. It will be my first game of the year. I try to make it down to as many as possible. It’s about a four hour drive from here, so I don’t get to as many games as I would like. I hope this year I can make it to more than I usually do. I can’t wait to see the rookie Pelfry on the Friday. I think he’ll do well even though he had a tough outing in the minors the other day. It should be a good weekend. As long as we don’t get any weather like Cleveland, I’ll be happy.



The Undefeated Season Comes To An End

Well I guess going undefeated was kind of a long shot. After such a convincing victory on Friday night, the mets couldn’t keep it going today. Part of me felt Willie should have given Endy Chavez or Lastings a start. I guess when you got a good thing going, you don’t want to throw a wrench into the works. Plus, with a day game tomorrow and after the first loss. Some guys will probably sit.

Today just wasn’t the Mets day. Key errors were a big problem along with a rough outing for Tom Glavine. David Wright struck out three times, which doesn’t happen often. The weather didn’t exactly help matters today. For both teams. Some guys looked like It was 20 below out there. You can tell the guys that hate the cold. Andrew Jones for example. He looked like he was wearing a snowsuit under his uniform, with that stupid head gear. Get a pair for gods sake.

On an annoying note. I can’t stand it when the mets play on national t.v. First of all, I hate Tim McCarver. I know I’m not the only one. He’s like the **** Clark of color commentary. He just won’t go away. Second, If I have to watch one more dugout interview (they do this on SNY as well) I’m gonna take an ice pick and shove it through my ear. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be pushed down a flight of stairs. I tune in to watch a baseball game, not a talk show. I feel so uncomfortable while the interview is being conducted. The questions are awful and you can tell the managers don’t want to be standing there with those stupid headphones on, talking, to what looks like themselves. They stand there looking around, all embarrassed, wondering when the torture is going to end and they can go back to doing their jobs. It needs to stop. It’s as annoying as the interviews when the coach goes in for halftime of a football game.

El Duque looked good the other night. Lets hope he can keep it going tomorrow and the mets can get back on track. Lets Go, Mets Go.